main screen Ray's Bridge Game bids and plays according to sets of rules.

To the left is a screen shot of the game's main screen.

On each player's turn to bid, you can bid for the player or let the game bid. If the game bids, it uses the bidding rules to determine the player's bid.

Just as in bidding, you can play for the player or let the game play. The playing rules are, as you might guess, much different from the bidding rules.

The game has an editor for you to read and change both the bidding and playing rules. And, the game has a tracer that lets you follow the rules as they are used to either make a bid or play a card. Both the editor and the tracer can be more easily understood by demonstration. Please, see the YouTube™ videos below.

There are a couple of additional points needing mention.

The information presented here is very brief. There is additional information in five videos on YouTube™.


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Latest version 11.5
Released 17 Apr 2022
Modified 27 Mar 2023
Site Updated: 27 Mar 2023